A2 Prime Design


Interior Home Design

We can cover various styles, from traditional to modern and eclectic, we adapt to different needs and functional limitations. The most common areas where most clients request our services are living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and outdoor spaces.

We use our knowledge of spatial planning, color theory and design principles to create unique and visually appealing interiors that enhance the quality of life for the occupants. we’re a team of professionals such as architects, builders and decorators to ensure that the design is executed successfully.

Themed Children's Room

Themed children’s room design,  Do you want to have the dream room for your child? from superheroes to princesses we create beautiful designs.

We design and create any theme for your children’s room or for the rooms of themed rental houses. We begin by carrying out the project, taking the exact measurements to adjust to the available spaces, and then decorating, painting and structuring the room.

This service is ideal for airbnb rental houses! Impress your clients and get more visits with these themed rooms.

Game Room Design

We create fun and exciting game rooms, equipped with game tables, game consoles, electronic games, refreshment equipment, etc. With perfect decorations based on any type of theme of your choice.

These rooms are special for own houses and houses for rent, with the intention of having a recreational space at home to share with friends and family at any time of the day. Make every space in your home special!

Each game room is different and they are created specifically to cover the indicated space in the house.